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Slide North America's Largest Pistenbully Dealer Since 1963 Pistenbully 400 park pro winch The machine for the Pros, and those who want to be TEST DRIVE LEARN MORE
New PistenBully
TEST DRIVE LEARN MORE The all around access machine.
New PistenBully
600 Winch
TEST DRIVE LEARN MORE Its so easy, its Automatic.
PistenBully 100
TEST DRIVE LEARN MORE Most horsepower in it’s class. The 100 will make your grooming a breeze.


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Used Snowcats 101

As the OG of snowcat world, PEC has a unique opportunity to make sure you get the proper vehicle, at a fair value.  When we sell a new or used vehicle, our reputation is on the line. Our team works hard to ensure that is a good fit, and when the machine leaves our yard it matches up to the customers expectation.  Click here to read more tips on what to look in a purchase of your next snowcat.

Used snowcats 101

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