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PistenBully 100 Trail

PistenBully 100 Trail

Most powerful engine in its class

The Pistenbully 100 Trail is part of a completely new vehicle generation at Pistenbully.   It provides superior Comfort,  and a well informed operator station.   Why should you consider moving from “horn and gas “  trail grooming to a Pistenbully 100?   The operator should be safe, comfortable, and be able to clearly see the surface they are producing.  Pistenbully builds machines with the operator in mind.  We don’t care what snowcat your grandpa drove,  we want you to have the best tools at hand to do the job.   Thats why with the new Pistenbully 100 trail we have achieved:

  • Most powerful engine in its class.
  • Groundbreaking operator control concept
  • Intuitive double-joint 4 axis joystick
  • Large display iTerminal with active control
  • Tier 4 final eco-friendly exhaust gas technology
  • Lowest ground pressure rating in its class

In the Pistenbully 100,  we utilize the Cummins powerplant and couple it with a rexroth hydrostatic transmission, providing variable control of your vehicle.  that, combined with our smart valve technology allows you to know all things concerning your tiller or drag you are pulling.   You will look forward to

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