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Wherever you are, our service is always available. With more than 130 service locations worldwide, spare parts supply is guaranteed 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year, in addition to a high efficient concept comprised of training, communication, and exchange of experience. We have chosen a service concept that incorporates you. A partnership with the promise of success. Those who know Peterson Equipment Company also know that Pistenbullys are low on service, and high on economy. In development, we have already tackled the need for outstanding performance, long lifetime and low service inservice costs. A Pistenbully pays you back. Today, tomorrow, and beyond.


  • Oil, lube and filter changes
  • Suspension service
  • Tiller maintenance
  • Track re-belting
  • Hydrostatic troubleshooting , service, and rebuilds
  • Engine diagnostics and repair
  • Cabin installation and repair
  • Vehicle customization
Pistenbully Service
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