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2011 Prinoth Beast

2011 Prinoth Beast

Year 2011
Hours 9900
Engine Caterpillar C15
Control Dual Stick
Blade 12-Way
Tiller Posiflex
  • Magnum sprockets
  • Rexroth hydrostatic drive system
  • Sunroof
Seller's Notes

This powerhouse, originating from Italy’s premier manufacturer Prinoth, truly lives up to its name with its extraordinary size and capabilities.

At its core, the Beast is an epitome of strength and efficiency. Despite its formidable size, it respects the environment, minimizing fuel usage and thus lowering operational costs. This significant attribute sets the Beast apart in today’s environmentally conscious world.

We also mustn’t overlook the human element. The Beast caters to operator comfort with an ergonomically designed cabin, delivering low noise levels and impressive visibility. It prioritizes the well-being of those who guide it, a key consideration in its design.

But the Beast isn’t just about raw power. It incorporates cutting-edge technology, such as advanced snow measurement tools and GPS-guided systems. This combination of tech innovations ensures precise, efficient grooming processes, thus making the Beast not just brawny, but brainy too.

Importantly, the Beast is adaptable. Equipped with a range of attachments, it is capable of handling diverse tasks, molding the snow to its will. And when it comes to challenging conditions, the Beast excels, proving that no terrain is too difficult for it to tame.

In summary, the Prinoth Beast embodies the perfect blend of power, efficiency, comfort, and advanced technology. It stands as an outstanding model in snow grooming, a testament to Prinoth’s commitment to quality and innovation.

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