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2014 PistenBully 600

2014 PistenBully 600

Year 2014
Hours 11611
Width 4.2M
Engine Mercedes OM460 Diesel Engine
Control Dual Stick
Blade 4.4M All-Way
Tiller Flex Tiller
  • Rexroth hydrostatic drive system
  • Solid Tires
  • Sunroof
Seller's Notes

The PistenBully 600 is a snow groomer produced by Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG, a German company known for their industry-leading vehicles used to groom snow on ski slopes, cross-country trails, and snowmobile trails.

The PistenBully 600 is a larger and more powerful model than the PistenBully 100, with advanced capabilities designed to handle difficult terrains and significant snow loads. Here are some features and specifications as of my last update in September 2021:

  1. Engine: The PistenBully 600 typically comes with a highly robust diesel engine. It’s designed to generate significant horsepower, allowing it to move large quantities of snow and tackle steep grades.
  2. Tracks: The 600 model also uses a pair of wide, caterpillar-like tracks, which help it move smoothly and efficiently over snowy and icy terrains without getting stuck.
  3. Front Blade and Rear Tiller: Similar to the PistenBully 100, this model has a front blade for pushing and maneuvering snow and a rear tiller for refining the snow’s texture and creating a smooth, consistent trail.
  4. Cabin: The cab of the PistenBully 600 is designed for operator comfort and efficiency, with easy-to-use controls and good visibility. Many models feature advanced technologies like GPS for precision grooming.
  5. Alpine Flex tiller: This specific tiller technology available in PistenBully 600 ensures optimal slope conditions and efficient grooming.
  6. Size and Weight: The PistenBully 600 is significantly larger and heavier than the PistenBully 100. This size allows it to move more snow and handle more challenging conditions, but it also requires a skilled operator to maneuver effectively.
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