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2021 PistenBully Scout

2021 PistenBully Scout

Year 2021
Hours 244
Width 8'6"
Engine Cummins
Control Single Stick
Blade 6-Way
Tiller Packer Bar
  • 32" Steel Tracks
Seller's Notes

This Pistenbully Scout has a Cummins Diesel engine, sunstrand hydrostatic drive, and a 6 way u blade for pushing piles of snow.  It is equipped with 32” steel tracks, and works well in soft snow.

The PistenBully Scout is extremely flexible to use and can be steered precisely. Thanks to its large track area, it can climb almost any incline effortlessly.

Resilient, easy-to-use and maintenance-friendly – these features make the PistenBully Scout the ideal transport vehicle for mountain cabins, restaurants, research stations in the Antarctic and work on impractical forest terrain. Supply companies from the water, oil, gas and telecommunications industry, who want to expand their network into inaccessible terrain, also find the perfect transporter in the PistenBully Scout. Moreover, as an emergency and rescue vehicle the PistenBully Scout ensures safe rescue of people in the most extreme areas. For an additional price, the Walton trailer that is pictured is available for purchase.

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